About Us

Great Journeys. Fascinating Places & People.
Kupenda Africa is Swahili meaning To Love Africa, and we couldn’t say it better. In 2008, after their extensive travels throughout the continent, Jason Smith and Grace Mungania decided to share their insider knowledge with a broader audience and in doing so improve the lives of some of the communities they had encountered.
What the founders and early clients of Kupenda Africa soon discovered was that through interacting, learning and giving to the communities they met on their safaris, the greatest beneficiaries were the travellers themselves. They left East Africa deeply moved and changed by their experiences, having gained much more than happy holiday memories.
The foundations of MAD (making a difference) safaris became entrenched in the company ethos. Over the years, schools, private individuals and large organisations have experienced for themselves the immense satisfaction of combining their African adventures with meaningful involvement.
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