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Presenting bespoke Africa experiences tailored to suit YOUR ideas and requirements, Kupenda Africa is your ‘go-to’ East Africa safari specialist for corporates, schools, groups, couples and individuals both local or international.
Step by step, we build each trip together with our clients, ensuring you achieve your unique travel goals.
Today’s leading corporates invest in their staff in order to deliver a ‘Purpose-Led Brand’, recognising that purpose drives customer purchasing decisions and market competitive advantage. Kupenda Africa can help your business with three of the four types of Corporate Social Responsibility: environmental sustainability initiatives, direct philanthropic giving and economic responsibility.
We work closely with community and environmental projects in both Kenya and Tanzania and are able to arrange team-building and leadership events tied into these initiatives both on a short term and long-term basis. Of course, we do this for private individuals and couples as well - sharing the true, grass roots experience of Africa is what Kupenda Africa is all about.
Accompanying this is a generous sprinkle of African magic – the breath-taking sight of Kilimanjaro, encountering a real-life zebra crossing or getting up close and personal with an elephant or a giraffe. Or two! There is no better way to experience the dramatic night skies of Africa than sitting around a fire and listening to the night calls of hyena, lions or leopard before turning in to sleep under a canvas roof.
Get in touch to find out what we can do for you and how affordable true life-changing moments are at your fingertips with Kupenda Africa.